Office Hours

Monday to Friday:
9.30am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm


Gremio Tintores 27,
Poligono Son Castello
Palma de Mallorca


0034 971 436 918
0034 626 711 830

0034 971 436 918


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London, Scotland. Pastor Victor benjamin, Pastor christopher and Min Evelyn Telephone 0044 745 9742 942., 0034 626 711 830


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Weekly Meetings

Sunday Service

House caring fellowship: 8pm

Choir Practice: 7.30pm – 9pm

Bible Study: 7.30pm – 9pm
Prayer meetings: 7.30pm

First and last Thursdays of every month
Satellite Fellowship

First Friday of every month
All night vigil

Workers’ meeting: 4pm
Praise and worship meeting: 6pm

Holy Communion at anytime
Every summer is our water baptism

Please contact us if you need transport to our church, either by bus, the new metro system or by car. Our church is open for international conferences.

Evangelical mission to Palma Mallorca Spain

Products available from our Church

Marriage God’s Way, by Pastors Victor and Faith Akinwumi

Marriage God's Way

To revive the marriage institution, the Church of Jesus Christ must clearly define, teach, preach and practise marriage as God ordained it.

In this new book, Pastors Victor and Faith Akinwumi use questions and answers to guide the reader through the Bible’s teachings on marriage and related topics.

The book is available from our church.

Anointing for Victory, by Pastor Victor Benjamin

Anointing for Victory

Every human being faces a challenge in life. Great men and women in the Bible faced such challenges but they all had one thing in common – they were anointed by God to be victorious.

In this new book, The Anointing for Victory, Pastor Victor Benjamin teaches us how God has anointed us by His Holy Spirit to be victorious in our lives.

Pastor Faith Akinwumi DVDs

Pastor Faith Akinwumi Pastor Faith Akinwumi

Pastor Faith Akinwumi – the wife of Pastor Victor Benjamin – gives her inspiring messages in these two DVDs – ‘Message to Youth’ and her address to the Holy Ghost Fire Conference on ‘Covenant Day of Fruitfulness’.

21 Days of Glory

21 days to glory by pastor victor benjamin

This book was written from a direct inspiration from God. It has brought miracles in the life of its readers; no one had remained the same after eating the words from this book. The ’21 Days of Glory’ is a book that not only teaches the strategies of spiritual warfare but that edifies the spirit into the realm of spiritual maturity through Biblical techniques. This is a book that every Christian and believer must read and a book that those seeking to know God must grasp. The ’21 Days of Glory’ is written with love and God will shed His love abroad in your heart as you get your own copy. All glory to God for such a book.

DVD Video Preaching Sermons

Christian DVDs

These DVDs by Pastor Victor A. Benjamin are entitled ‘Fight To Recover’, ‘21 Days of Glory’ , Show Me Your Glory and ‘Divine Visitation’. Read more details about them on our Product Footnotes page. They are all for sale from the Church office.

CD Audio Messages for Believers

CDs for Christian growth

Two CDs to encourage the Believer. ‘Prophetic Dimension of Warfare’ by Pastor Victor A. Benjamin, and ‘The Meaningless Life’ by Pastor Osaro. Read more details on our Product Footnotes page.

Kingdom News

Newsletter ministry from Christ Kingdom Victory Church

Subscribe to ‘Kingdom News’ – the newsletter of Christ Kingdom Victory Church of God, Palma, – and receive written ministry from Pastor Victor Benjamin.
The newsletter includes a message from the pastor, times of weekly meetings, the words of uplifting hymns and the latest news from the church’s growing fellowship.
If you would like to receive a copy, simply contact us by email or by telephone.

More CD Audio Messages

CD ministry from Christ Kingdom Victory Church

Our church messages are now available on Compact Disc (CD). Book them directly with the Media Team.

1. What manner of man is Jesus?
2. Overcoming Unseen Forces
3. The final Frontier Holiness
4. And they overcome satan by the blood of Jesus
5. Covenant Day of Prosperity
6. Take it by Faith
7. Praising God to the maximum
8. Anointing for supernatural exploit
9. Jesus Reign Forever
10. Anointing for restoration
11. Every battle is winnable..
12. Sacrifice a spiritual project
13. Focus on Christian marriage and family.
14. Understand the hand of God
15.The WORD of God is profitable for Correction
16. Death is Terminated
17. The Meaningless Life
18. Covenant day of Marriage
19. Here I am, use me
20. Pride; The root of evil
21. Remembrance Prayer