Office Hours

Monday to Friday:
9.30am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm


Gremio Tintores 27,
Poligono Son Castello
Palma de Mallorca


0034 971 436 918
0034 626 711 830

0034 971 436 918


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London, Scotland. Pastor Victor benjamin, Pastor christopher and Min Evelyn Telephone 0044 745 9742 942., 0034 626 711 830


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Weekly Meetings

Sunday Service

House caring fellowship: 8pm

Choir Practice: 7.30pm – 9pm

Bible Study: 7.30pm – 9pm
Prayer meetings: 7.30pm

First and last Thursdays of every month
Satellite Fellowship

First Friday of every month
All night vigil

Workers’ meeting: 4pm
Praise and worship meeting: 6pm

Holy Communion at anytime
Every summer is our water baptism

Please contact us if you need transport to our church, either by bus, the new metro system or by car. Our church is open for international conferences.

The life of our church in images

Opening of church Opening of the church by Govern de les isles Balears Vice-President i Conselleria de Relaciones Institucionals Snr Antonio Contesti Bosch - Directora General Co-operativa Magdelene Contesti. Baptism of believers In Christ Kingdom Victory Church many people move to the sea every year to be baptised. "He that believeth and be baptised shall be saved" Children's Ministry The children's ministry at Christ Kingdom Victory Church The women's ministry at Christ Kingdom Victory Church The Ushering Department assist worshippers and visitors to Christ Kingdom Victory Church Women are brought into a deeper relationship with God at Christ Kingdom Victory Church Pastor and wife Pastor Victor and Faith Akinwumi-Benjamin. Hosts - Christ Kingdom Victory Church of God Music Ministry at Christ Kingdom Victory Church of God The Music Ministry group leads the church congregation in worship women Department at Christ Kingdom victory church Barcelona Branch View part of congregation Barcelona C.K.V.C.G branch This our church leader at Christ kingdom victory church Barcelona Branch